Yet another successful sortie for the Viper Pilot. Some supreme cratedigging (thanks go to Chad for supplying the crates I was digging through) scored me a Moog novelty song from the late 60s for this mash. I saw the Pixies live at the V Festival last weekend, so they were in my head and have ended up in here, along with an old favourite dance track (big thanks to DJ Prince for his MAARS sample pack).

Viper Pilot – U-Moog on Maars

Source material:
The Pixies – U-Mass
MAARS – Pump up the Volume
Dick Hyman – Me and My Moog

Just in case some of you still haven’t got your head around the concept of mashups, I think I’ll let 80-something-old Sue Teller explain. Heck, even if you *do* know what it’s all about, you should still watch this video.