So, my wife’s cousin’s son Matthew stayed with Mrs. Viper Pilot and I before we redeployed to New Zealand and Canada. He’s a very clever guy and we got on like a house on fire. He’s big into blues, and had a saying that I added to my arsenal and have been saying far too often lately. The saying:

“There are only four songs.”

And he had his own version, which was:

“There are only four songs, and two of them are twelve-bar blues.”

Today, while patrolling the Southern Saskatchewan sector in my father’s orbital weapons platform, the HMCS General Motors Safari, we came under fire from a country radio station. We were in the midst of resupplying our rations at the time and we had to endure the barrage for some time before we were able to make a tactical withdrawal. In addition to getting a meal, we came up with our own version of the saying:

“There are only four songs, and NONE of them are commercial country.”

So now, I ask you, fellow funk warriors, to submit your own “There are only four songs” sayings.