I’ve only recently started collecting vinyl, in the hopes that someday I might do a bit of DJing. My tastes at the moment are a bit all over the shop, but I tend to have three sort of ‘themes’ in mind for my future sets at the moment: funky lounge, spacewar and good old fashioned ass-shaking (old-school hip-hop and funky house, mostly). So, slowly, I’ve been building up the Viper Pilot LP collection with mostly those themes in mind.

I wasn’t intending this trip to involve much cratedigging but I’ve somehow ended up with twelve albums to take back with me to Australia (and the trip is only at the halfway point). I only had one album I was after on this trip, and it was one of those ‘turn the page when you hear the beep’ children’s records, in this case The Empire Strikes Back (for the spacewar set, obviously). I’ve gone through the stacks of crap in my parents basement, hoping to find this relic of my childhood, but to date I have had no such luck.

There have been other gems, however…

Cratedigging session #1: my parents’ basement.

  • Boney M – Nightflight to Venus
  • Various Artists – Discomania
  • The Story of Tron
  • Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
  • Sesame Street – Enrie’s Hits
  • Sesame Street – Bert’s Hits
  • The Muppet Show – The Muppet Show vol. 2
  • The Irish Rovers – Children of the Unicorn

I had forgotten totally about Tron, but there are some sounds and dialogue on that album that will make people WET THEIR PANTS IN GLEE if I ever skill up enough to use them in a set. Tubular Bells fits the spacewar theme, Discomania fills my funk-house urges, and Boney M nails BOTH. The children’s albums are a bit of a gamble, but I might be able to do some nifty mashup action with them (or, uh, play them for any future children, I guess).

Cratedigging session #2: Vintage Vinyl & Hemp Emporium, Regina

  • Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra – Music From “A Fistful of Dollars” & “For a Few Dollars More” & “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”
  • Tangerine Dream – Thief
  • Fatback – All-Night Party

The Hugo Montenegro album is a round platter of PURE GOLD. Stupid-good. It’s the second album of his I have, the first one being an all-moog effort from later in his career. I’ve been meaning to delve into Tangerine Dream for some time, and Redbeard at Vintage Vinyl is an expert on the matter of Tangerine Dream. I was introduced to Redbeard by my parents; he hosts a show on CJTR and is one of those guys who knows craploads about music. He suggested a Tangerine Dream album for me to buy. I left the record player on 45rpm accidentally after listening to the Fatback single (more on that in a moment) and didn’t think Thief was too bad. I realized my mistake, set the player to 33.3rpm, and, er, well… let’s just say I’ll leave it on 45rpm in my spacewar sets. The Fatback single I bought solely on the strength of my familiarity with “Bus Stop”, which I used for my Do the Busta Stop bootleg. Sadly, the 80s weren’t so kind to Fatback (were the 80s good to anyone from the 70s?) – I might be able to salvage some sounds from the instrumental.

Those of you good at math will notice that leaves one more album. Me mate Mike (to slip into Aussie vernacular for a moment) gifted to me Barbed Wire Kisses by The Jesus and Mary Chain, which I hope to thank him for with a mash of some variety using a track from that album.

If anyone else could point me at a Tangerine Dream album that sounds good at the right speed, let me know…