Not much to report on today. Updated the about page today, and I put up a wimpy placeholder page for my releases. Still patrolling Saskatchewan, and off to Sweden and Denmark after that, so the likelihood of any new Viper Pilot releases in the next month is still pretty slim.

Obligatory music reference… speaking of Sweden, check out the work of Stockholm-based bootleg producer Divide and Kreate. In particular, his Yazoo/Sean Paul Temperaturized mash is an excellent example of a good track selection for an A+B mash (a mash using only an acapella and one other song). The Yazoo track in its original form is marred by some horriffic 80s vocals, but the synth is rock-solid. Layer the Sean Paul vocals overtop, and you have one fine-assed bootleg. Other notable items on his website include a Willie Nelson mash and some fine deconstructions of U2 and Led Zeppelin.