Damn.  45+ hours in transit from Kobenhavn (Copenhagen) to Brisbane.  I’m quite certain I have a full understanding of how cheese must feel, based on the condition of my spine during the Auckland-Brisbane leg.  That is the last time I plan any travel that requires more than twenty hours travel without a rest.  More stopovers in Asia for Mrs. Viper Pilot and myself from now on!

After six weeks away from home, there’s an awful lot I should be doing rather than blog posts right now.  There are debriefings to be held, flight charts to review, forms to fill out for every round of ammunition fired, etc etc.  Be assured that I’ll post reconnaissance images from the trip in the next few days.

In the meantime, go keep yourself amused with the stupid amount of goods at KLF.de.  The audio downloads contain some quite good remixes, bootlegs, mix sets and the like.  I always liked the KLF, but recently I’ve rediscovered them, and I’m more in love with them now than ever.  The beats sound as good now as they did back in the day, a feat which is very difficult to accomplish when it comes to electronic music.  Living outside the UK, I think we must have missed a lot of their antics: check out the article about them at Wikipedia and read about the media stunts they pulled, all in the name of Discordianism.

Above: The  Rites of Mu, a short film by the KLF.