What you say?

(follow that link, click ‘watch this movie’)

Now that that’s cleared up, we can move on to the important bits.

Justice released their first full-length album last week, and now they’ve put the whole thing up on Myspace. Some of you (those not living in low-bandwidth caves) will likely have heard Simian vs Justice – We Are Your Friends at some point during the last twelve months.

These guys know how to pimp a synth HARD. Justice have squeezed some truly superb sounds out of their gear to create this album. There is nothing for you to do but go listen. Listen now.

Edit 14.06.2007: Too late, kids. Justice have taken the album off Myspace. There are a couple tracks still there, of course. Clever marketing ploy…

Edit 15.06.2007: The whole album is back up on Myspace now.