Greetings once again, gentle readers.

But for a lack of concrete evidence, the accusations I bring forth today remain merely accusations. I have nothing but conjecture and hypothesis at the foundation of my claims: I have no eye witnesses nor any new scientific marvel of this great steam age at hand with which to deduce the mastermind of whomever plastered Kelvin Grove with these mystifying bulletins.

My conjecture, however, leads me to accuse none other than my sister-in-law, the Grand Duchess Dani “Danger” von Actionknickers (real name unknown). No doubt she was still sore at me for having foiled her attempted train robbery in Prussia (see The Königsberg Kaper – A Viper Pilot Mystery) and was out for revenge via this shrewd smear campaign! I have but a few shreds of evidence, but those few shreds loom like the Himalayas over the total absence of facts which favour any other verdict.

Fact #1

I know the ringleader of a local group of ruffians who call themselves the TurboJugend; I had no choice but to threaten to employ my pugilistic skills upon their leader before he would cough up any details. First off, he knew who was behind the deed, but he’d been paid very well and wasn’t willing to divulge exactly just whom it was, nor was I ready to sully my gentlemanly name by thrashing the fellow, cretin may he be. However, knowing that he knew who it was narrowed my suspect list by some margin. To begin with, my nemesis was also involved with the TurboJugend. Secondly, my informant also maintained a position at the University, meaning he could have been the insider who supplied Dani with the photo found on the posters.

Fact #2

I can muster but a few names of people who would use the words ‘hate crime’ to describe music.

Fact #3

Sunday afternoon, I partook in a stroll to the fish & chip shoppe with Mrs. Viper Pilot. Once there, we engaged in our usual perusal (and sporting derision) of the handbills and “unit for let” fliers spangled across the notice board. There, nestled betwixt the adverts for ‘heavy metal’ spectacles, foolish new age mysticism and students seeking flatmates was another of the Type II posters! My sister-in-law is suspected to maintain a safehouse somewhere within no more than 150 metres from that very fish and chip shoppe!

Unfortunately, a rock-solid case it is not. Alas, I have exhausted all avenues of inquiry. For now, I believe this case will have to be left unsolved. My villainous sister-in-law had best be warned that she’ll be watched quite closely from now on, for let it not be said that Viper Pilot is not vigilant!


Last post, I shared one of Dani’s bands with everyone. Today it’s back to my usual self-indulgence of suggesting listening for you.

Fantastic Planet (La Planète Sauvage) is a seriously tripped-out French animated film from 1973. Some intrepid sonic warrior by the name of has gone to the trouble of rescoring it with a soundtrack of modern IDM artists. The two make for a mix that’s even creepier (and cooler) than either of the originals on their own.

Watch it on Google Video (of course, that does mean an hour and a bit in front of your computer).