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A long-overdue release from the Viper Pilot mash factory today! A touch of writer’s block has kept me grounded for the past little while, but it was nothing a couple of overly-retarded bouts of staying up past 2 in the morning on consecutive school nights couldn’t eventually solve.

For immediate dispatch to the spinward front:

Viper Pilot – Mash Up at Run’s House (Run DMC vs Groove Armada)

As the ‘Rear Admiral’ is fond of saying, feel free to give a FaceBook reacharound if you like what you hear.


A whole hella load of pyrotechnics went off a couple of weekends back during River Fire as part of the Brisbane River Festival.

I managed to score myself a sweet perch for some covert ops, and the results are pretty damn sweet. It’s amazing what you can capture these days with a crappy $200 camera and the right tweaking of the settings.

You can view the resulting shots in this slideshow.

River Fire

Another week goes by and I haven’t left myself the time to write a proper blog post.  Oh well.  Reconnaissance photos from River Fire will be posted sooner or later, I swear.

Until then, enjoy this video mashup:

-Viper Pilot

Viper Pilot Audio

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