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I must admit that I’ve only recently properly discovered the joys of podcasts (or, in the audio spacewar world of Viper Pilot, sub-etha fatwave bursts of encrypted military-grade beats). Having a four-minute walk to work really doesn’t give one much time to turn on the mp3 player, let alone settle in for a half-hour podcast.

Then I realized something. Since the vast majority, if not all of my readership live in either Australia or Canada, you will know what I am on about if I say that sometimes one must spend a long stretch of time in the car. By our standards, spending five or six hours in the car one way to get to the next city is no big deal.

So, with those sorts of jump times required to get to the next nearest star system, I’ve taken to compiling data discs of podcasts to while the hours away during the fleet’s long journeys through hyperspace. Radio Clash came up in a fairly recent blog post (since he was kind enough to pimp one of my tracks), and this time around it’s Not Your Usual Bollocks.

NYUB features a healthy mix of rock and electro, albeit with an emphasis on rock (which keeps Atomique happy, as I tend to over-thrump the playlist at home). From the NYUB website: “…because mainstream radio is shit.” I couldn’t agree more; while there’s plenty of music recently-recorded music on commercial radio, the majority of is as likely to be described ‘new’ as Pol Pot is likely to be described as ‘a lovely bridge partner and eager stamp collector’.

So, if you’re in the market to hear something that’s both new to your ears and free of the constraints of the big record labels’ comfort zones, give my man a listen.


Not sure how many of you commune with the intarweb as closely as Viper Pilot does, so sometimes I wonder that you’re missing out on the wonderful world of internet memes. I highly recommend Wikipedia’s article on the subject, but to sum up an internet meme is a product of the internet community – it’s a completely uncoordinated collaborative effort of parody and imitation of a single theme. It’s a bizarre series of works of a schizophrenic web-based hive mind that dropped out of its art course at community college and now spends most of its time playing video games and eating Doritos. Those of you old enough to have any idea what All Your Base Are Belong To Us means have already had a brush with the grand-daddy of internet memes already.

The current trend in internet memes seems to follow this pattern: some random YouTube video will suddenly be struck by scores and scores of ‘remixes’. I can only assume that all it takes is one good remix and then the imitators rush forth to ride the coattails. A good example is the Dramatic Chipmunk (which was actually a Richardson’s Ground Squirrel). I don’t have the time to sit around looking at random YouTube videos, but someone surely must, as by the time I’d discovered the lovable little prairie dog, there were boatloads of Dramatic Chipmunk videos – my favourite being the Kill Bill remix.

The latest YouTube meme to hit my radar is The Techno Viking. It’s some fairly mundane footage of the decidedly not mundane Techno Viking (a manly man of a raver) and some other revellers dancing in the street at Berlin’s FuckParade. Now, all of a sudden, if you do a search on YouTube you’ll score 50+ videos featuring the footage set to different music, cut up, spliced up with the Dramatic Chipmunk, etc. All the videos appear to have been added to YouTube in the last month, yet according to Wikipedia the footage comes from FuckParade 2000.

The Techno Viking (Beat It)

(No, that’s not the orginal music to the clip)

(Watch the video before reading on)

(Trust me, it gets good)

The above clip is far and above the best of the lot (although Techno Viking Bakes a Cake gets some serious cred for its melon-twisting factor, and the one with the TIE Fighters gets points for mashing up Star Wars and a drugged up visigoth). In general, however, I find that the majority of the products YouTube memes tend to be of poorer quality than their photoshop-heavy predecessors – a lot of them consist of nothing more than adding a new soundtrack. The Beat It remix works despite being just the addition of a new soundtrack because the editor has taken the time to stretch the video ever-so slightly to synch it with the lyrics – and let’s not forget that the lyrics to Beat It were WRITTEN FOR TECHNO VIKING. Jacko truly is a musical visionary to have known back in the 80s that some day his powers would be needed to give the Techno Viking his fifteen minutes of fame.

One last pearl of wisdom from the fleet’s databanks: don’t ever fuck with a guy who braids his beard.

This release is marked red-stroke-niner-niner, for immediate dispatch to all ships in the fleet.

-Viper Pilot

The heat has already started to hit Brisbane, so the Viper Pilot R&D lab has churned out a groovy summer tune. For those of us circling the southern polar region, this ought to help keep everyone down here a bit chilled. For everyone up north who’s already pining for the return of spring, a listen should fill you with nice warm memories of t-shirt weather. It’s just that kind of track.

This time around, we’ve dug through the fleet’s audio archives and dug up soul crooner Al Green to smash him up against Italo-house wizards Planet Funk.

Viper Pilot – Gone to Chase the Sunshine

(Apologies for crappy filehosting service. I’ve got as many resources as possible diverted to bringing a proper Viper Pilot web-HQ online; until then this will have to do.)

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