It’s been quite the adventure, but we’ve finally settled into a stable, geosynchronous orbit around our new home for the next little while. The advance party scouted out an old queenslander in a good, defensible position on the top of a ridge in Kelvin Grove. Expect us to launch many artillery strikes from our fortified position in the hills.

The engineering corps has finished unpacking most of the boxes, and I’ve finally had some time to sit in front of the laptop and forge some new music for all of my fellow audio refugees. I had been working originally on an EP of Nirvana mashes, but, damnit, the average Nirvana track is just too messy to grab anything more than a few loops here and there, and why call it a Nirvana mash EP if less than 5% of the tune is going to be Nirvana?

So what have you got in store for us instead, Viper Pilot? Well, the bulk of this track is Mustang 86 by Moonbootica and the Soulwax (AKA mashup vanguards 2ManyDJs) remix of Felix da Housecat’s Rocket Ride, but there are a whole steaming bucketload of other samples thrown in. I’ve been influenced of late by a lot of Team9’s overwhelmingly good work. He is easily the most talented mashup producer in Australia, and by a wide margin at that. So there’s kind of a ‘use lots of things’ feel that I’ve tried to borrow from Team9 going on here.

Download: Viper Pilot – Sexiest Ride