More bootleg rarities from the intarwebs today. This time, an all-Portishead album.

But first, a brief bout of gushing over Portishead. God DAMN. Go out, now and find some Portishead to listen to. Your quality of life will improve instantly. They are the founders of trip-hop (yet one shouldn’t dare to confine them to something as inelegant as a genre) and one of the holy trinity of Bristol: Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky. Portishead utilized unique recording techniques and a blend of old and new sounds that created music which was never heard before and has never been replicated – yet it has this strange familiar feel about it. I could go on and on (and nearly did – count your blessings that I haven’t wandered of into some wanky description of how ‘Portishead evokes imagery of rainy postwar nights in a nondescript eastern European capital, tucked away in smoky jazz clubs of dubious legality, but the tunes hit you with such tight production that make it seem like the Wachowski brothers are somehow directing your imaginations’). Suffice to say, Dummy, their first album, should be in everyone’s top ten.

My father, perhaps, described them best: “Huh, that’s kind of like musique noir.”

Portishead – Glory Box

Download: Dumb – Portishead Remixed