Hoo boy.

We reconnoitred Daft Punk‘s Never-Ever Land show last night. Good god damn, that was probably the most amazing show I’ve ever been to. It was definitely the best show I’ve ever seen robots perform (far better than seeing Asimo, unfortunately, as his show was a half-hour advertisement for Honda. <insert used car salesman voice> “See how Asimo balances and avoids objects and he moves around? That is the VERY SAME technology you’ll find in the new range of Honda sedans!”</car salesman>). On the audio side of things, I was particularly chuffed to hear them remashing their own works during the set, and not one of the songs sounded like a pure rendition off the album – plenty of remix action. On the video side, the effects were amazing. The squadron’s technical specialist (callsign Dancing Pigeon) reckons there would had to have been hundreds of man-hours go in to programming the lighting arrays and the video screens. Between the two of us, we could not figure out what kind of space age material they brought from France that was as clear and bright as it was. Simply outstanding.


Super robot action power amazing outstanding!

Some Daft Punk mashes for your consumption:

2 Many DJs – Around The World (Daft Punk vs Wyclef Jean Rap Remix): Download

Party Ben – Another One Bites the Funk (Daft Punk vs Queen): Download

DJ Moule – Stronger-Forest (The Cure vs Daft Punk): Download

Viper Pilot – Do the Busta Stop (Daft Punk / Busta Rhymes / Fatback): Download