Some of you with keen eyes may have noticed that I’ve changed the tagline to the blog. I’m going to try and keep my focus this year. Yes, there will still be lots of mashes, and the occasional personal rant, but I’m going to try and fill a gap in the blogosphere by matching music with science. Stay tuned over the next year – I’ll be keeping every ship in the fleet updated with the meeting of mad tunes and killer science (and science fiction!).

With that in mind, I’m going to start the year with a specific mission not only for me, but any other pilots brave enough to volunteer: SETI@Home. The SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life) project aims to uncover signals among the background noise of the universe that could prove the existence of life outside our solar system. However, there is an awful lot of sky, which means an awful lot of data to process. You can participate by having your home computer crunch some of the data while you’re not using it! Visit the SETI@home download page to install the BOINC client (a simple process), which then runs as a screensaver and you’re now helping the scientific community without lifting a finger.

SETI recently brought seven new receivers online, multiplying the amount of data they have to process by about five-hundred times! That means they’re desperate for extra processing power, so consider joining up. It’s a small investment of your time which in turn could prove invaluable to humanity. We’re searching for music from the stars here, people!

I’m also extending an invitation to join Spacewing #14, an expeditionary force from the fleet hand-selected by Viper Pilot to find music from the stars! If you sign up for SETI@Home, you can elect to join a team, where the amount of data we’ve all processed will be counted together.

Some music to get you in the mood for finding extra-terrestrial life:

Hexstatic – Robopop | download

Leonard Nimoy – Music to Watch Space Girls By | download