In no particular order, a recap of five science fiction moments as chronicled in the ship’s logs from 2007. Not all good, not all bad, just five things that happened – with musical accompaniment!

Battlestar Galactica Still Kicks Ass

Don’t look so surprised. Viper Pilot’s my handle, for crying out loud.

Okay, so BSG this year wasn’t up to the standard of seasons one and two, but it’s still some pretty damn good TV. And, if the internet rumors are true, the network meddling that forced a shift to more one-shot stories and less concentration on the bigger story arc has come to an end. To finish things off, we got the movie-length Battlestar Galactica: Razor at the end of the year. Razor chronicled the plight of the Battlestar Pegasus after the Cylon attack and gave us all some very tasty surprises to get us all excited about the upcoming final season.

(Yes, I know season three started late 2006 – Australia has lag)

Viper Pilot – Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks | download

Season Two of Heroes Cut Short by the Writer’s Strike


C’mon, people. I’m dying here!

The First Half of Sunshine

It’s not often that hard science fiction (sci-fi with a focus on scientific accuracy) makes its way out of print and on to the big screen. Wired gave me a lot of hope for Sunshine, based on its interview with director Danny Boyle. Sunshine came very close to giving me a very good hard sci-fi movie, but then the second half of the film happened, and we were all left with a horror movie set in space with a melty toasted cheese sandwich for a villain.

A New Alistair Reynolds Novel – The Prefect

Speaking of hard sci-fi… Alistair Reynolds is not only the current reigning champion of the space opera, but his books have a copious collection of science in them that sounds not only plausible, but downright killer.

The Prefect is set in Reynold’s Revelation Space universe, set more specifically in what won last year’s award for Best-Named Group of Orbital Habitats, the Glitter Band. It’s a prequel to his previous works, so ought to be easily accessible to a newcomer to his writing. I have yet to get my hands on the book, but based on how voraciously Atomique is devouring it, I can guarantee that he’s in top form.

Michael Bay Pissed Me Off

I have a photon torpedo loaded in both tubes 1 and 3 for Mr. Bay – that’s what you get for shitting all over my childhood. The movie is called THE TRANSFORMERS, dickface, howabout giving them some screen time? I wanted giant robot movie action, not gung-ho yankee commando action and teen romance #43. I could have seen a swathe of other movies this year if that’s what I was after when I went to see a movie ABOUT A BUNCH OF FREAKING ROBOTS!

Listen, pal, giving a character TWO LINES in the whole movie barely makes them an extra, let alone get their name in the title. Jazz, Ratchet, Ironhide… who the hell are they? I guess I’ll never get to know, because you’re too busy scripting them peeing or lurking in the background ‘in a wicked-kewl pose’. And the Decepticons were lucky if they got that much.

Good for you, twat. I bet you sold a bunch of toys.

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