Atomique and I couldn’t help ourselves – we were offered kittens and took two. And, being geeks, we’ve named the noisy one Laika (Russian for ‘barker’) after the first animal in outer space, and the quiet one Malla after Chewbacca’s wife. We may have crossed the line from geek to dork, there.

This gives me the perfect opportunity to drop a video that is actually both science fiction and music at the same time, rather than usual trick of tenuously connecting a sci-fi factoid to a song or two.

The Cat – Tongue Tied

British space-sitcom Red Dwarf usually openned with something other than a musical number. Like, you know, something in space. Not the start of this particular episode, thanks to a dream sequence courtesy of The Cat.

In 1993 those lovable Brits, stalwart fans of novelty music, propelled a rerecorded single of Tongue Tied to #17 in the UK pop charts.

(Okay, so maybe it hasn’t aged well, but I sure did love this the first time I saw it. I give it points for nostalgia value.)