Ever heard of Bigelow Aerospace? Nope, me either. Until reading the most recent issue of Wired, that is. So it’s one of the big players in the commercial space race, it turns out. The guy who owns the company is certified loony (and retardedly rich, having made a ton of bucks in the hotel industry), spending his fortune on not only Bigelow Airspace, but on funding research into researching alien abductions and UFO sightings.

But here’s the catch… owner Robert Bigelow is the only guy to steer his company to getting a payload into orbit. And his competition include the likes of Richard Branson and Microsoft’s Paul Allen. Oh yeah, he was born in Vegas, so of course it makes perfect sense that he’s putting a game of bingo into into orbit.

No music today. I’m still cranky about Divshare.