A moment for something serious: evolution, bitches.

You might think whole evolution debate doesn’t concern you, as it’s just a war of words between some lab rats and a pack of rabid baptists – but the truth is far more sinister than you could possibly believe. With our current understanding of evolution, our puny species has concocted a whole bucketload of medicines to combat various diseases. With our current understanding of creationism / intelligent design, the church has had a lovely bakesale. So, consider carefully now what you want every future biologist being taught in school.

Since most of my readership is outside the USA (and those that are within the USA weren’t retarded last time I met them), odds are I’m preaching to the choir. But it’s still an important message to reiterate every once in a while – hands up, those of you who knew that a lower percentage of Americans considers evolution to be true than do the populations of most Middle Eastern countries!

What’s brought this short tirade on is a recent push from the National Academy of Sciences to help educate the public about what evolution exactly is. The NAS has released a book which explains all the crunchy bits, and you can view an 8-page PDF summary which I highly recommend for anyone who needs a refresher (you can read the full 72 page book online as well, but even I’ll be damned if I devote that kind of time to the subject).

Anyhoo, this all gives me an excuse to drop some MC Hawking. Stay tuned to the next post for a killer segue.

MC Hawking – Fuck the Creationists | download

PS Divshare seems to have fixed up the direct links, so the embedded media player is a go (for now). Read Some Important Contributions Invertebrates Have Made to Science Fiction and finally be able to revel in the joy of my Mothra audio-gag!