The last missive from Fighter Command was a bit on the heavy side, so I’ve asked the press monkeys to steer us clear of anything heavy today. I do have a heck of a segue to guide us along our new directive. I featured an MC Hawking song in the last post, and I’m quite certain that if you enjoyed everyone’s favourite wheelchair-bound nerdcore / quantum physics superstar, you’ll like the digitized gems I’ve dug out of the archives today.

Mr Hopkinson’s Computer

I heard Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer in the covers & mashes segment of the Not Your Usual Bollocks podcast. The Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer cover of ‘Fool’s Gold’ blew my pants clean off like I’d been hit by a mad scientist wielding some kind of pulp science de-pantsifying raygun. I ran out the next day, still pantsless, to place an order for a Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer record, which now has pride-of-place in my vinyl collection.

Benny Benassi presents The Biz

Italian prog-house wizard Benny Benassi was on every DJ’s setlist in the early ’00s, it seemed. His 2002 album Hypnotica introduced The Biz, who although were not computers, they certainly sounded like it. And Benassi’s inability to come up with anything that sounds different than what he was doing in 2002 should lead us all to conclude that he’s actually a piece of dodgy Italian software written specifically to churn out only one song.

Benny Benassi vs Beastie Boys – Intergalactic Satisfaction | download

HAL 9000

In Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, batshit mental computer HAL 9000 winds down its digital existence with a chilling rendition of ‘Daisy Belle’ (click on image to listen).

HAL 9000

Daft Punk

Okay, fine, so they’re actually just a couple of French guys. If you’ll direct your optics to the following text from the liner notes to Musique Vol 1: 1993 – 2005, however, you will soon agree that you’ve been schooled by yours truly.

First they had to make the machines sing. Bend them around as much as possible. Not let mechanical purrs set in, but always, as if they opened up the hood to divert the connector industry, try to play with the unexpected improbabilities of an implacable mechanical creation. This way, by the time the Asimov robot theory gets under way, the robots will be very human-like.

They had to forget about faces in order to create the artwork, erase the human on the plastic coated paper, the supposed star duet, refute the easiness of celebrity…

…This way, on Asimov’s day, we’ll see the human underneath the robot without judging the hood.

DJ Payroll – Daft Prayer (Daft Punk vs Bon Jovi) | download

MC Hawking

He’s so good I’ve come back for more. If Wikipedia can be believed (and while I’m no quantum wizard myself I’m fairly certain that at the subatomic level there are elements of Wikipedia which are true as long as they’re not being observed (or some similarly retarded application of the stupid way the laws of physics behave at that scale)), Stephen Hawking himself is a fan. What higher praise do you need?

MC Hawking – Entropy | download