Captain Kirk – erm, I mean, William Shatner – was the subject of one of Comedy Central’s comedy roasts. This segment has Mr. Sulu – erm, I mean, George Takei – saying an awful lot of borderline NSFW (depending on where work is) things you don’t really expect from the dude who plays Hiro’s dad on Heroes.

Since we’re on the subject of the world’s second-greatest Canadian (nestled neatly between David Suzuki at #1 and Wayne Gretzky at #3), it would be remiss of me to touch on Shatner’s musical career. Especially if it’s a live performance at the 1978 Science Fiction Awards.

Unfortunately, my R&D output has been low lately, resulting in fewer audio bombs to drop – I have a Shatner mash in the pipeline, but the backlog is mightier than I. Fortunately, the Man who once played cheesy 70s cop TJ Hooker has an impressive back-catalogue of music for me to trawl through for goodies. In the spirit of mashes, I’ve chosen a couple of covers; of Bob Dylan and Pulp, respectively.

William Shatner – Mr. Tambourine Man | download

William Shatner – Common People | download