A brief recap, for those of you who are late to the party.

Viper Pilot is many things. One of the many things Viper Pilot is is a DJ / mashup producer /remixer. Some of you may be new to the wild and crazy future-world of audio battles against robot armies that Viper Pilot lives in. Have no fear, however! I have prepared a survival kit containing an LP of Viper Pilot’s first eight audio bombs for you to cradle lovingly at night, and use them to arm yourself against mechanical oppression.


Download: Viper Pilot – Sketches of Things to Come


  1. Do the Busta Stop (Busta Rhymes vs Daft Punk vs Fatback Band)
  2. Big John Pass Me By (Jimmy Dean vs Pepe Deluxé)
  3. Ballad of the Colonial Roughnecks (Freestylers vs Giorgio Moroder vs Stu Phillips)
  4. The Prodigal Slide (The Prodigy vs Maestro Fresh-Wes)
  5. U-Moog on Maars (Pixies vs Dick Hyman vs MAARS)
  6. Black Shadow Demon (DJ Shadow vs Uriah Heep vs Black Sabbath)
  7. Mash Up at Run’s House (Run DMC vs Groove Armada)
  8. She’s Gone to Chase the Sunshine (Al Green vs Planet Funk)