Fallout 3 has officially overtaken Will Wright’s Spore as the game I most eagerly await, based almost solely on the following image of a ruined metropolis. The shattered remnants of civilization, hunkered around the rusting hulk of a drydocked aircraft carrier – what’s not to like?

Fallout 3 - Carrier

More goodness at http://fallout.bethsoft.com/eng/art/fallout3-conceptart1.html

How could I now not drop a track that begins with the following prayer?

Let everyone go to his private shelter. Empty the streets, there to find the city of the dead. Let the blessing of the Bomb Almighty and the fellowship of the Holy Fallout descend on us all, this day and forever more.

Orbital – Desert Storm | download

I plan on doing more of these, but I could use a better (way better) title for this feature. Email or comment with your suggestions. I’m not offering any prizes, though. Unless maybe you wanted to submit a science/sci-fi image for me to dig up a tune to go with it. Yeah, I could totally do that.