It seems everything might be somewhat older than first thought. Four billion years older, in fact.

Recent cosmological research at the University of Cambridge suggests that dark matter and voids in space were causing us to miscalculate the whole thing. Mass slows down time, so it stands to reason that if you measure the age of the universe from somewhere where there’s mass – like, say on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy (which is fairly crowded by the universe’s standards, even if the next nearest star to us, Proxima Centauri, is 4 light-years away) – you’re going to get a different result than if you measured it from the middle of a void in deep space. The research concludes that an observer measuring time from the middle of a void between the clumps of mass in the galaxy would see the universe over 18 billion years old, compared with our earth-bound measurements of 14.7 billion years.

Man, science is f’n awesome.

Speaking of time, if you werent’ tripped out enough by the vagueries of the laws of relativity, how about a reggae cover of Pink Floyd’s Time?

Easy Star All-Stars – Time | download

Or how about a physics refresher from The Pixies?

The Pixies – Distance Equals Rate Times Time | download