Above: the best video of 2007. Although I believe if you’re outside Australia it was the best video of 2006.

The video is riddled with science fiction references. First and foremost is the overt homage to Westworld, perhaps the first science fiction western (and great grand-father of Firefly?). There is a definite Warsaw Pact chic to the video, as testified by the wonderfully terrible fonts and special effects. Okay, wait, it’s also got this awesome 70s kung fu flick vibe, too. Shaolin bear strike!

Keep your eyes peeled for nods to The Matrix, Planet of the Apes and Battlestar Galactica to name a few. The villain of the video sports a mean landspeeder, if by mean landspeeder you’ll allow me to describe a dodgy eastern European ’80s sedan with some cylinders moulded to the side panels. In keeping with the dodgy eastern European theme, the sets and props are all wonderfully Borat-esque.

Also, it is a kickass song for Guitar Hero 3.