Retardedly good science in this film. And I mean stupidly awesome retarded. One of the many facts you can read about Gattaca over at io9 is that not only did they hire a gene therapist as a consultant, but they held test screenings just for scientists. Read more at:

In this novel by Isaac Asimov, psychohistorian Hari Seldon predicts the decline of humanity’s star-spanning empire. Using social science, mathematics and technology, he engineers humanity’s recovery from the depths of anarchy with a plan that lasts hundreds upon hundreds of years. Asimov held a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and most good written science fiction comes from authors who are trained scientists. Hooray for men of learning!

Written by David Brin in 1990, this novel has a few eerily-accurate predictions about the world today. It’s about how fucked up we manage to make things with pollution and global warming and whatnot (read: things not to do with the industrial advances we’ve made), but you probably gathered that from the title. And just in case you’re wondering, no, not all the predictions are about climate change – what kind of hippie do you take me for?

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Dark City
An underrated film that straddles quite elegantly the line between science fiction and fantasy. I was once engaged in a lengthy discourse about just whether or not this film is one or the other. In the end, I concluded (at least to my satisfaction) that the antagonists’ strict adherence to the scientific method made it science fiction.

Greg Egan is a qualified mathematician, meaning like Asimov he can churn out some hella good science. Diaspora extrapolates to the very end the possibilities of virtual reality and the transcendence of humans to a posthuman state. The novel is full to the brim with groovy concepts and is a standout example of Greg Egan’s knowledge of computing and simulations. That being said, for someone so down with computers, his website looks like a bowl of Lucky Charms vomited up by a digital unicorn.

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