The American Film Institute is doing some big television special in June, giving us their top ten films in a number of different categories.

I wasn’t able to use my uber-l33t skills to hack into their website to download the list of nominated sci-fi films, but thankfully the Sci-Fi Channel’s news wire has a list of the 50 films nominated in the science fiction category.

Something Viper Pilot can use his uberness for, however, is to dissect the shit out of this list and cull the chaff.

Disclaimer: I’m not necessarily saying these are bad films – in fact, I’m quite fond of Alien and Star Wars – but they just don’t meet the Viper Pilot criteria for science fiction.

Alien – Sorry, guys.  It’s just a thriller/horror movie set on a spaceship.

Independence Day – Are you kidding me?  Aie.  This hurts my brain, and brings the quality of their whole stupid institute into question.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome –  Mad Max 1 or 2, sure, on the whole “what if man uses the fruits of technology to fuck everything up?” tip, but 3?  What the hell?

Men In Black – A Will Smith comedy does not ever get to be called science fiction.  This made it in but I, Robot doesn’t?  Poop.

Star Wars IV – Don’t even start.