News from back home, soldiers!

The civilian press at ABC Online has an article that lists some of the lesser-known facts about life on the International Space Station. It’s obvious enough that living in a tin can orbiting the Earth will require some adjustment to the normal way we go about accomplishing daily tasks, but it’s not often you get to read about how the more mundane tasks have to change.

Two facts culled from the article, with soundtrack:

You can’t do laundry in space – water’s way too valuable to waste on it. So, astronauts wear the same high-tech/low-stank outfit for the duration of their mission.

They Might Be Giants – Dinner Bell | download

Food is the most valuable currency in space. Who takes money with them to somewhere where you can’t buy anything? When that last visit from a resupply ship seems to have been in the distant past, everyone starts to hoard their chicken parma.

team9 – The Money Song | download

(Yes, team9 again. Sue me.)