Today is a sad day today for those of us who look to tomorrow – Arthur C. Clarke, one of the world’s greatest authors, has passed away in his adopted homeland of Sri Lanka.

Famous not only for his fiction (which includes the short story The Sentinel, which was the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey), Clarke also applied his talent to real-world applications, having detailed using geosynchronous satellites for communication way back in 1945.

It’s good to see that not only the science fiction world has reported on Sir Clarke’s passing but the mainstream media are taking note as well. The ABC and CBC both reported on this, so I suspect the passing of a great visionary of humankind has made the news around the globe (okay, maybe not in China). Of course, this made the headlines over at the usual scifi stalwarts, io9 and Scifi Wire, but I’m surprised that the ABC and CBC articles are far longer and more detailed.

I could go on, but I’ll refer you to Wikipedia and the news outlets for more information.

Some few months before his passing, Sir Clarke recorded a message and posted it on Youtube. It’s wonderful to watch – the man is amazingly forward-thinking and has the good of the entire planet in his thoughts.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s 90th Birthday Reflections