Some of you will be well familiar with Chad of the Bizarre Hands, a sometimes ally in my war against the intergalactic forces of bad music.

Unfortunately, he has been a champion of the limp-dicked synth-atrocities of Air for as long as the fleet’s archives go back. This tiny rift is what has led to some of our adversarial (and amusing) misadventures, such as when the two of us spearheaded a joint task force to abscond with some audio artifacts from Omicron Persei 8. Of course, we all remember the end of that episode, where I was left with nothing to show for the mission other than a few scars, a bruised ego and one less set of strike force pants, while Chad dashed away with a box set of CDs by techno-softcock Herbert (his seemingly-good intel had indicated we’d be uncovering a treasure trove of early moog works on vinyl – that sneaky Chad!).

As documented elsewhere, I have been forced to recant my earlier belief that Air are nothing more than ‘The John Tesh of techno’. While sifting through iTunes on shuffle, “Ce Matin La” graced my ears – which I mistakenly assumed was a groovy, chilled b-side from The Go! Team. Ooops. Imagine my surprise at seeing not only the likes of tepid surrender-monkey music, but that I had enjoyed it. Oh well.

Air – Ce Matin La | download

Air – Kelly Watch the Stars (Moog Cookbook Remix) | download

The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket | download