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Well, the darned computer rebuild took longer than expected, due to incompatibilities with the older RAM I’d had on the previous board. A quick trip to the black markets of Tatooine and I’m back in business.


Steam-powered R2D2 is the cutest thing ever.

I knew steampunk was in on the fringes of being in vogue, but it really looks like it may be the next big thing. I keep seeing shadows cast by Charles Babbage everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for an onslaught of big-budget victorian-tech movies in the near future, mark my words.


Once everything goes tits-up, we’ll all be fighting over cars and fuel. Or fighting in cars, for fuel.

It’s kind of blurry, but it’s definitely one of the two. There have been many documented cases of mankind’s obsession with continuing to pollute the planet in v8 supercars well after the fall of civilization. Today, we’ll take an excursion to the archive vessel Fukurokuju to delve through what remains of our knowledge of the troubled and dark years after peak oil.

Roadwar 2000

It appears that the oil crisis may not have been the only crisis mankind faced that forced us into four-door sedan to four-door sedan combat. In Roadwar 2000 and its lesser-known sequel Roadwar Europa, a terrorist plot gone horribly wrong leaves two continents sparsely populated after their virus goes wild and decimates the populace. The survivors, realizing just how kickass it is to charge across an empty wasteland in a Dodge Charger go scavenging for vehicles and weapons in the husks of our once-great cities. The game initially puts you in charge of a group of survivors just looking to find the next un-looted Texaco, but eventually lets you lead the hunt for the scientists who can, once united, defeat the virus.

Left: EGA graphics. Ouch.
Right: Roadwar 2000 on the Amiga. God, why did the Amiga die? WHY?!?

You can score a DOS version of both games at Home of the Underdogs, although it’s hideous in all its 16-colour EGA glory. I imagine my fond memories of this game wouldn’t be so strong if I hadn’t played back in the day on the Amiga. It’s worth hunting for an Amiga emulator and an Amiga version of the game, but I’ll leave that quest for you to complete on your own.

Mad Max

The Last of the Interceptors. A name that brings a solemn quiet over a room when uttered aloud.

I’ve heard talk that there are machine cults on some of the low-tech planets near the rim that actually worship it as a minor deity.

You can read the full story of the world’s most famous 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe at

Interstate ’76

Most historians agree that the start of the oil crisis is when we all started putting guns on top of cars.

Interstate ’76 scores big points for its awesome funk soundtrack. The game’s worth playing just for the tunes. Given that the game is eleven years old now, the graphics haven’t aged too well (and were vaguely buggy even back then), but the gameplay is tight and, again, I can’t stress the goodness of the soundtrack.

Freeway Warrior

Remember Fighting Fantasy books? Probably, yes. But for those of you who don’t, they were like Choose Your Own Adventure books, except with dice. Freeway Warrior was a contemporary of the Fighting Fantasy novels which let you live the story of a young scout for a group of post-nuclear survivors trying to make their way from Texas to California. Along the way, you collect guns and cars. Of course.

Project Aon, a volunteer organization that has the rights to publish author Joe Dever’s works for free on the internet, have yet to transcribe the Freeway Warrior series, but their website lists book #1, Highway Holocaust, as their next release. If you’re curious, you might as well eyeball Dever’s Lone Wolf books, also found there, a fantasy series with a similar set of game mechanics to Freeway Warrior.

Move over, icanhascheezburger, there’s a new meme in town.

Om Nom Nom Nom.

I shall say no more.

(Mainly because I’m in the midst of some Civ4-related obsessive behaviour at the moment.)

Stumbled on this over at Ninja Tune. Free download of the new Daedalus single Hrs:Mins:Secs plus a remix available at

Hrs:Mins:Sec is a pretty kickin’ track. The fact that it easily defies categorising is a good sign – there’s an eclectic mix of electronic genres in here, produced to the nth degree. It’s got the snares of a killer drum & bass, but the synth of a tech anthem, with some swoopy bleepy stuff right out of Brian Eno’s arsenal. Throw on top of that some vocal samples that would make Orbital proud and you’ve got a track that takes a couple listens to really take in.

On top of that, I give the remix a five out of five. It’s a super-tight ambient nu-school drum and bass voyage. Hah, how’s that for wanky music journalism? “Drum and bass voyage” – I make myself sick, sometimes.

This sounds like the most awesome event ever. It’s a science festival held on the annivaersary of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first human in outer space.

Held at NASA’s Ames Research Center, this event is a mix of science center, art show and music festival. The musical lineup is sizable, including include gamer-geek superheroes Freezepop, and most awesomely of all, Ninja Tune’s own Amon Tobin. On display will be all manner of cool mechanical gear – from NASA’s scientific explorers to antant-garde tech art. Talks will be given by NASA scientists and video game designers. It’s a veritable geek heaven. Heck, there’s even going to be an aerobatics show by Yuri Gagarin-era aircraft.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Visit the website to see what kind of pants-wetting good time those of us not fortunate enough to live in San Fransisco are missing.

If only Transporters were one of the things William Shatner had brought to the world. But, lacking such amazing travel options, I’m afraid I’ll have to hope another recon wing can make a flyby of this event.

Go now and view more works by Banksy.

Coldcut – Everything is Under Control (Qemists Remix) | download

Named for the Roman god of getting things from one place to the other very quickly, Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, and closest to our Sun. It is a barren and lonely chunk of rock – much like most of the “not a gas giant” members of the solar system.

Its retardedly hot surface temperatures mean that colonization is pretty much out of the question for the time being – not to say someone hasn’t thought of it already. Above and beyond the fact that we’ve never sent humans out much further than the moon’s orbit, we’ve got our hands full just keeping eight or so people living in the International Space Station.

At any rate, this was just an excuse to play some Mercury Rev. Mercury Rev are from New York, though, not Mercury. Nor, I ought mention, be they reverends.

Mercury Rev – Tonite it Shows | download

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