Stumbled on this over at Ninja Tune. Free download of the new Daedalus single Hrs:Mins:Secs plus a remix available at

Hrs:Mins:Sec is a pretty kickin’ track. The fact that it easily defies categorising is a good sign – there’s an eclectic mix of electronic genres in here, produced to the nth degree. It’s got the snares of a killer drum & bass, but the synth of a tech anthem, with some swoopy bleepy stuff right out of Brian Eno’s arsenal. Throw on top of that some vocal samples that would make Orbital proud and you’ve got a track that takes a couple listens to really take in.

On top of that, I give the remix a five out of five. It’s a super-tight ambient nu-school drum and bass voyage. Hah, how’s that for wanky music journalism? “Drum and bass voyage” – I make myself sick, sometimes.