The new Futurama movie is stupendous. It’s sublimely surreal at times (in fact, a good chunk of the first half is chock full of gags that would leave Salvador Dali in a tidy little puddle of his own joy), outright hillarious at others and full of those witty little throwaway gags that are only onscreen for a moment, but make you feel all warm and smugly superior to the non-intelligentsia.

I found this to be much better than the first Futurama film, which seemed to be trying too hard to make jokes about itself. This film was more what I prefer to see in Futurama – clever uses of science and sci-fi in the way that other shows use pop culture references for humorous effect. I was particularly chuffed by the Saint Asimov’s Day march. Plus, there’s more Futurama math!

I won’t say much more for fear of spoiling anything. Suffice to say, Viper Pilot recommends this as supplemental viewing for all promising cadets who are serious about piloting one of the fleet’s sexy new birds. This is Groening & Co. back at their finest form, and it should not be missed.

The Trailer
(kind of – you never quite know just how official is ‘official’ on YouTube)