While young Tycho was incubating, Atomique would dose him regularly with music to stimulate his development.  Her preferred rationing was three albums on rotation, delivered via my DJ headphones nestled around his room (which had the unfortunate side effect of stretching said headphones).  Beyond whatever developmental benefit he may have accrued, we now have three ‘settling albums’ which we can deploy as high-grade munitions to lull him to a slumber.

As I ramp production back up towards the usual fare of music and things form space, I will take this opportunity to segue into some tunes.  Atomique’s weapons of choice for bombarding young Tycho were Hot Chip’s The Warning, LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver and The Presets’ Beams; music from which I provide you now with that you too can use to render your loved ones unconscious.

Hot Chip – And I Was a Boy From School | download

LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver | download

The Presets – Steamworks | download