It certainly seems like the real world is catching up with the imaginations of Mssrs. Gibson, Stephenson, Rucker, Egan, Sterling, et al. (and, thankfully, it also seems we’re moving away from Billy Idol’s Cyberpunk).

Need to infiltrate a megacorporate HQ in order to extract some data for a rival corp?  Scientists at the University of Berkeley are working on the perfect accoutrement for a bit of industrial espionage: a motherfucking invisibility cloak.  Okay, so it’s not really invisibility – they’re bending light or reflecting it in the wrong direction or something totally far out like that.  I can’t wait for chameleoflage jackets in the next K-Mart winter collection.

A Robot Run by Rat Neurons

Meanwhile, across the pond, they’re building robots with biological brains at the University of Reading.  This is probably the trippiest tech I’ve seen yet.  It’s weirds me out just a little bit to watch the root scoot around knowing that there’s no electronic computer in it, and yet it is still FUCKING OARSOME.

Too many hours in front of the monitor impacting upon the quality of your eyesight?  Null persp, chummer! You’ll be buying new eyes from Radio Shack next decade and installing them at home!  Mm, okay, calm down, Viper Pilot.  Right, well, you’re not far from getting that cybernetic upgrade to your eyes for that extra level of magnification you’ll need for your next assassination attempt.

Anyone else got a hankering for some Shadowrun right about now?

Some tracks that I’ve always identified as being Cyberpunky in one way or another:

Front Line Asembly – Mindphaser | download

Deltron 3030 – Virus | download

Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Warming up the Brain Farm | download