SOMA FM is a commercial-free independent web radio station that’s been on the air since February 2000.  SOMA runs entirely on donations from listeners, with the mantra that everyone deserves good music, even those who can’t afford it.  Thanks to the evil clones at the RIAA, SOMA’s operating costs have steadily skyrocketed and it is now falling $5000/month shy of meeting its budgetary needs.  I do my bit to pitch in every now and then, but obviously I’m a bit stretched trying to fight an interstellar war *and* raise a kid.  So, if you’re a past fan, now’s the time to help out and get reacquainted; if you’ve never heard of SOMA before, go give one of their many stations a listen and if you like what you hear, consider joining the rank and file on the front lines of the struggle against the fucktards of big music.

Viper Pilot’s favourite channels:

  • Space Station SOMA – When this channel is kicking, it’s kicking. Really groovy spacey sounds to nod your head to. Sometimes the track selection gets a bit too ambient and the groove vanishes, I admit, but I’ve been absorbing a lot of this channel lately.
  • Drone Zone – All ambient, all the time. If you like swooshy noises and an absence of percussion, this is the place for you. The surgeon general ought to warn you away from listening if you’re operating heavy machinery.
  • Secret Agent – My first love at SOMA. A wildly eclectic mix of songs held together in that they all sound like they fit a 60s spy flick (even if *not* from that era). I have found some absolute gems while tuned to Secret Agent.
  • Cliqhop – IDM.  Man, when IDM’s good, it’s like Aphex Twin is having an LSD party in my head.  When it’s bad, it’s like Wagonchrist is vomiting in my inner ear canal.
  • Nu Musik – I’ve only just found this hidden station.  80s synthpop and new wave.  Follow this link to listen:

Happy listening, space warriors!