If, by saddle, you mean the chair what one constructs audio weaponry while seated upon it.

It’s been a long time coming, and I admit the ending is weak, but god-damned if I ain’t pretty fuckin’ pleased with the first two thirds of this track. It’s not even that the ending is awful, it just doesn’t seem a fitting end given how ass-shakingly-good the rest of the track is. Oh well, it’s not like anyone pays me money to do this.

Arms manifest for shipment 13013/B0B:

Kraftwerk – Spacelab
Player One – Space Invaders
Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb (Original, Acapella & Club Mix)

So, space warriors, load your pulse-rifles with this new sonic ammunition and blow some holes in some speakers. In orbit. Or on a moon somewhere. Just go do it.

Viper Pilot – Spacelab Invaders | download