JJ Speedball is the southside’s great hero of dirty rock. He’s a larger-than-life cult figure of the Brisbane/Gold Coast megacity’s indie music scene, clad in tight red vinyl pants and rocking the punters since 1989. He doesn’t just get on stage and perform the rock, he lives it. He’s an accomplished air guitarist (having competed semi-professionally) and puts more energy into his stage act than Iron Maiden on a three-day methamphetamine bender.

A a result of my many successful forays into the realm of mashups, I’ve been assigned a super-duper secret mission: carve the shit out of one of JJ’s rock epics and turn it into something not-quite-what-it-started-out-as. I have humbly gone about fulfilling this task, and now present to you the fruits of my efforts.

JJ Speedball – You’re So Unaustralian | download

JJ Speedball – You’re So Unaustralian (Viper Pilot’s Speedway Mix) | download