Mmm.  I do so dearly love when science and music come together*.

Wired has a lovely article full of all sorts of groovy gizmos that will be producing the sounds of tomorrow.

The Brick Table

Stay tuned for a complete 180° turn in our next installment – we’ll switch from the future of electronic music to the past. One of the finest bombardiers in the fleet (and defending zero-gee shoot fighting champion of the HMS Lakota), my old comrade Coyote, asked a while back for some more info about 60s electronic stuff when I dropped some Pierre Henry on the firing range. So keep your eyes on the radar for some of that on the weekend.

Huh – the teaser for the next post contains more words than the actual content of this post. Weird.

Oh well. Viper Pilot, signing off.

*Yes, yes – music is math and all, so you could technically say that music is science. But, really, let’s be fair. Math is a grey area within the realm of science. Sure, you need it to perform scientific calculations, but on its own it’s kind of just a set of logic experiments, done within the head and no need for real-world observations. Discuss this paradox amongst yourselves.