I should mention – I’m off on some well-earned R&R for another week and a half yet.

I shall quickly present the codified version of The Rules, which you can use to entertain yourselves until my return.  The Rules govern the particular version of ‘name that tune’ that Atomique and I have now been playing for nearly six years running.

The basic rules of The Rules are quite simple:

  • One point for naming the artist of a song
  • One point for naming the song, but this point can only be claimed before the chorus

There are some advanced regulations that have developed over time:

  • Should it turn out that the café/restaurant/shop you’re in is playing a whole CD, only the first track is worth points
  • A song used in a television commercial is only worth points on first viewing
  • Points may be granted (or even fractions thereof) for naming a sample source or naming the original artist in the case of a cover, but these points are only granted by the good grace of the other players

Don’t ask what the current tally in the game is – it’s rather lopsided in Atomique’s favour, owing to the fact that the original edition of The Rules only allowed legal play on songs released before 1990. While I might be quite knowledgeable about a ton of older music, it tends not to be the stuff you hear in shopping malls, on AM radio or television commercials. As such, Atomique’s extensive knowledge of all things Spandau Ballet, Human League and other ’80s embarrassments really caned me until I was able to bring my knowledge of equally-atrocious ’90s dance music into the game.

Foolish me, I should have admitted a defeat and wiped the slate clean when we introduced the ‘new era’.