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Sick again. As I sink deeper into listlessness from fluid loss, all I can muster is to steal a story from

Johnathan Mann writes a song every day, usually by request (you can submit requests at his website).  #33 was about Battlestar Galactica, and it’s catchy, in a sometimes-bad-equals-good kind of way.

Johnathan Mann – I Love Battlestar Galactica


Man, do I ever want one of these.  The Skylon Spaceplane not only looks cool as hell, but has a name that makes me think it’s Cobra Commander‘s weekend ride (although it rides a fine line between uber-cool and slightly ghey, I do admit).

In less than ten years’ time (hopefully!) this bad boy will be lifting  payloads into orbit for a tenth of what it currently costs NASA to do, with the bonus that it can lift off from regular airport runways.

A far more affordable, but less functional, but even more cool option for me in the vehicles-for-travelling-through-space-department is a Colonial Mark VII Viper (as in Viper Pilot pilots a Colonial Mark VII Viper kind of Viper).  As Battlestar Galactica winds up, the show’s props are being auctioned off, and there is a life-size Raptor and a Viper up for grabs.  They’re both sitting in the low $20k range at the moment, but the reserve price on neither has been met yet.

I shouldn’t have turned down my credit card company when they offered to tack another twenty grand on to my credit limit.  I’d be taking that bad boy home right now.

So, surely everyone has heard the infamous ‘Christian Bale flips his fucking lid and performs a verbal colonoscopy on his director of photography’ rant by now, right?

Just in case you haven’t, I’ll spread the love:

And, of course, this rant has spawned all number of Youtube remixes and remakes of the usual gamut of skill levels one finds on Youtube.  By and far the best, though, is Revolucian‘s fairly decent techno remix.

Bonus: Make Your Own Meme

Here’s an experiment I ran (and am continuing to run) which proves* the power of memetics.

About three years ago, I started calling [ cola | soda | pop | soft drink ] by a new word: ‘fizzy’.  A typical situation in which you would use the word goes something like this:

Atomique: Can I get you a drink, dear?

Viper Pilot: Mmm, yes.  I’ll have some fizzy, thanks.

(Craft enters asteroid field; during evasive action, Atomique spills Viper Pilot’s fizzy.)

The power of the meme is so strong that not only does Atomique now call it fizzy as well, about a month ago she informed me that she now thought I’d always used ‘fizzy’ as my term of choice for carbonated beverages.  I only started this stupid project (with no intent at the time of doing anything other than being eccentric with my vocabulary) three years ago, but we’ve been married now for six years and together for nine. The meme remapped six years of Atomique’s memory.

It’s a fun and easy project you can run on your own!  Try it yourself using fizzy, or invent your own meme! Hooray for mind control!

* Okay, fine, ‘proves’ is a strong word for a sample size of one.

(Okay, so it’s an ad for Samsung.  Still cool, though.)

>>>This is an immediate dispatch to all forces operating in quadrants Sword through Hilltop.<<<

There will be an all-mashup audio assault on Brisbane this Saturday, March 21st. Ground zero for this bootleg bomb is Cloud 9 in the city at 350 Roma Street at 22:00.  This all-out ultrasonic invasion is headlined by headlined by USA’s A+D (Bootie Club Pioneers) and Bootie Munich’s BootOX.

Viper Pilot has his mobile armour all polished up and ready for a night on the town.

Get the full scoop at

Kill a few minutes playing your own version of Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster Stronger. I know I did.

When web 2.0 and mashups are brought up in the same conversation, we’re usually talking about web mashups – interesting combinations of  web applications like using Flickr and Google Maps together to geotag your photos or bringing information from Wikipedia and into a webapp that gives you artist bios and music all in one place – but not today.

Created by Ophir ‘Kutiman’ Kutiel, ThruYOU is a seven-track mashup (of the audio/visual variety) album which consists entirely of clips from Youtube (poster child for web 2.0). Kutiman painstakingly trawled through Youtube to find the sounds he needed to compose each track. It’s a brilliant piece of work – the tracks’ musical quality far exceed the novelty value of listening to the world’s first all-Youtube sample album.  Below, are my two favourites, but you can enjoy them all at

Kutiman – Babylon Band

Kutiman – This is What it Became

Hey, Vampire Weekend? Paul Simon called, and he wants all his shit back.

Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

If it wasn’t already painfully obvious that by including the word ‘vampire’ in the name of your band while every single tween in the northern hemisphere has entered a Japanese-style mass craze for all things vampiric (thanks, Twilight) that you’re a pack of gloryhounds interested in the bucks and not the art, the fact that you’ve pretty much ripped off a guy who singlehandedly (and by this I intend to imply here ‘one of his hands’) has more talent that your whole band put toogether kind of seals the deal.

Nickelback. Serieously, what the fuck is up with that?

I’m shamed by all those around me for being Canadian whenever their name pops up.

Don’t give these assholes a hundred bucks to go see them when you can get the exact same musical experience from any old cover band down at the local pub. Even a mediocre cover band, at zero cover or $5.00 is way better value for money than hearing Nickelback churn out exactly the same amount of truly original material over the course of a couple of hours.

Sorry, this rant isn’t nearly as long as the last one. I’ll try harder next time, Coyote. I did use some explicit words, though!

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