When web 2.0 and mashups are brought up in the same conversation, we’re usually talking about web mashups – interesting combinations of  web applications like using Flickr and Google Maps together to geotag your photos or bringing information from Wikipedia and last.fm into a webapp that gives you artist bios and music all in one place – but not today.

Created by Ophir ‘Kutiman’ Kutiel, ThruYOU is a seven-track mashup (of the audio/visual variety) album which consists entirely of clips from Youtube (poster child for web 2.0). Kutiman painstakingly trawled through Youtube to find the sounds he needed to compose each track. It’s a brilliant piece of work – the tracks’ musical quality far exceed the novelty value of listening to the world’s first all-Youtube sample album.  Below, are my two favourites, but you can enjoy them all at www.thru-you.com.

Kutiman – Babylon Band

Kutiman – This is What it Became