So, surely everyone has heard the infamous ‘Christian Bale flips his fucking lid and performs a verbal colonoscopy on his director of photography’ rant by now, right?

Just in case you haven’t, I’ll spread the love:

And, of course, this rant has spawned all number of Youtube remixes and remakes of the usual gamut of skill levels one finds on Youtube.  By and far the best, though, is Revolucian‘s fairly decent techno remix.

Bonus: Make Your Own Meme

Here’s an experiment I ran (and am continuing to run) which proves* the power of memetics.

About three years ago, I started calling [ cola | soda | pop | soft drink ] by a new word: ‘fizzy’.  A typical situation in which you would use the word goes something like this:

Atomique: Can I get you a drink, dear?

Viper Pilot: Mmm, yes.  I’ll have some fizzy, thanks.

(Craft enters asteroid field; during evasive action, Atomique spills Viper Pilot’s fizzy.)

The power of the meme is so strong that not only does Atomique now call it fizzy as well, about a month ago she informed me that she now thought I’d always used ‘fizzy’ as my term of choice for carbonated beverages.  I only started this stupid project (with no intent at the time of doing anything other than being eccentric with my vocabulary) three years ago, but we’ve been married now for six years and together for nine. The meme remapped six years of Atomique’s memory.

It’s a fun and easy project you can run on your own!  Try it yourself using fizzy, or invent your own meme! Hooray for mind control!

* Okay, fine, ‘proves’ is a strong word for a sample size of one.