Man, do I ever want one of these.  The Skylon Spaceplane not only looks cool as hell, but has a name that makes me think it’s Cobra Commander‘s weekend ride (although it rides a fine line between uber-cool and slightly ghey, I do admit).

In less than ten years’ time (hopefully!) this bad boy will be lifting  payloads into orbit for a tenth of what it currently costs NASA to do, with the bonus that it can lift off from regular airport runways.

A far more affordable, but less functional, but even more cool option for me in the vehicles-for-travelling-through-space-department is a Colonial Mark VII Viper (as in Viper Pilot pilots a Colonial Mark VII Viper kind of Viper).  As Battlestar Galactica winds up, the show’s props are being auctioned off, and there is a life-size Raptor and a Viper up for grabs.  They’re both sitting in the low $20k range at the moment, but the reserve price on neither has been met yet.

I shouldn’t have turned down my credit card company when they offered to tack another twenty grand on to my credit limit.  I’d be taking that bad boy home right now.