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malla-1Malla Haggman – 2007-2009

The day after returning from a trip away to Victoria for a wedding and to the football at Kardinia Park I receive a phone call at the early hour of 07:00.  It’s a dude who has my phone number because it’s on the tag on my ex-cat’s collar. Ex-cat, as in ‘She’s Nobody’s Moggy Now‘.

Malla will be missed by us all. She leaves behind her sister Laika, who so far seems to be riding out this rough time fairly well (better than Viper Pilot is, who is soft like cream cheese on the inside). Her batty ears and feeble-yet-adorable meow will now be left to the domain of our memories. Atomique will no longer be awakened by Malla trying to suckle at the back of her head at four in the morning. Malla took some time to get to know, but once you did she was a charming feline, a prime (if somewhat bookish, and not long for a world of speeding cars, one finds out) example of her species.

The curious conclusion to this tale is that as I arrived home from leaving Malla’s remains with the vet, I was startled by a cat I’d never seen before lurking on my back steps. Actually, I think he was rather more startled than I, as he bolted instantly upon spying me. Even more curiously, Laika popped her head out from under the house, right near where the mystery cat had been. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: the sisters hadn’t been getting along much lately, and it’s very easy to think she’s paid off some other cat to shove Malla into traffic, but Atomique has reminded me that this new cat may just have been stopping by to pay his respects.

If you’re missing the usual content for the blog, I shall wrap things up for today by shedding some light on her name.  Malla is a shortened version of Mallatobuck, the name of Chewbacca’s wife. Also, let me remind everyone of the time that Malla saved us all from an approaching asteroid by transforming into a half-cat/half-rocket super-fearsome space robot:

malla-2MallaZOMGBOT4000: Defender of Earth


Voici un vidéo de la plus récent Club Bootie en Paris. Je suis trés content qu’il y a inclu un bootleg ou deux en francais (le hip-hop Français marrié avec AC/DC!). En tout ça regarde comme un superbe soirée qui a été aimé par toutlemonde.

N’oublie pas: Bootie Brisbane Mai le 9! Viper Pilot çera la première DJ pour la nuit! Yarrrr!


Viper Pilot – Labour Pains

It’s been a long time between victories, but the munitions works has finally progressed something from the R&D stage to full production release.

There’s a bit of tale behind this mix… one of the things suggested for one to do in preparation for the super-awesome fun-time that is delivering a baby is to arrange some soothing music or music that the mom-to-be will like to hear on the big day. Fair enough, I’d probably want some decent tunes as well. Atomique meticulously curated 7 audio CDs worth of music out of the crates of mp3s and CDs in Viper Pilot’s weapons locker (okay, and her own CDs, too) as she prepared for the arrival of the little dude.  These now-legendary discs with their plain white labels and handwritten ‘Labour Pains ’08’ tag not only served Atomique in the birthing suite, but have accompanied the family on a road trip or two since then.

NOTE: Atomique doesn’t particularly care for ‘soothing music’ so the resulting mix is quite listenable. No whalesong or unicorns here, just seventy minutes of rock and hard electro.

This mix set is a sub-curation of Atomique’s work – I have cherrypicked an hour and a half worth of songs from the 7-disc set to mash, mix and distort.  It was something of a challenge for me to include quite so much rock in a set, but I think I’ve managed to craft some pretty kickin’ mixes up in here. I certainly have even MORE respect now for guys like Mix Master Mike who can drop System of a Down on the fly into their sets (on motherfreaking VINYL, no less – seriously, System of a Down’s tempos are all over the place to begin with… aie aie aie).

Download and enjoy, motherfutons!

01. The Gorillaz – 19-2000
02. Pop Will Eat Itself – Games Without Frontiers
03. The Cure – Lullaby (Extended Mix)
04. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Side Walking
05. The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
06. Viper Pilot – Do the Busta Stop
07. Hexstatic – Bass Invader
08. Justice – D.A.N.C.E.
09. Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro
10. The Rapture – Get Myself Into It
11. The Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
12. Gigas – Transformers – Decepticon Mix
13. Daft Punk – Robot Rock
14. Datarock – Sex Me Up
15. Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends
16. The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
17. Digitalism – Jupiter Room
18. Franz Ferdinand – Matinee (Headman Vocal Remix)
19. REM – One I Love
20. Planet Funk – The Switch
21. White Stripes – The Hardest Button to Button
22. Hot Chip – The Warning
23. Mint Royale – Don’t Falter
24. Spiderbait – Arse Huggin’ Pants
25. The Chemical Brothers – Believe (Go Home Productions‘ Louder Remix)
26. LCD Soundsystem – Us v Them
27. Supergrass – Kiss of Life
28. Apollo 440 – Don’t Fear the Reaper
29. Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt
30. The Faint – I Dissapear

So, hey, who caught Spicks and Specks last night? That book that Steve Coogan used – The Neighbourhood Watch Guide to Crime Prevention – during Substitute, well that bad boy was sent in to the show by none other than Atomique herself. She’s awfully chuffed, and rightly so (we’d sent the book via light-jumping courier shuttle to the Sol system some time ago, so we were once again cursing the reliability of interstellar mail delivery when this little surprise popped up).

* For those of you not in Australia, Spicks and Specks is a lot like Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

** For those of you not in Australia who are also not in the UK, Spicks and Specks (and Never Mind the Buzzcocks) are music quiz game shows with teams consisting of show regulars and guest musicians and comedians. The scores don’t really count, it’s all about some laughs and some trivia.

*** Oh, right: so Substitute is one of the more common mini-games on the show, where one of the guests has to sing three songs and the teammates have to guess which songs they are. It sounds easy, except you must use the words taken from a completely unrelated book (like, say, the 20th-century classic The Neighbourhood Watch Guide to Crime Prevention) instead of the proper lyrics.

**** Not only was it pretty cool that Atomique’s book turned up on air, but Steve Coogan’s last song was… wait for it… Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Bwahahaha.  Rickrolled, bitches!

Clear your calendars, space cadets! Yet another audio assault is taking place in Brisbane – this time on May 9th.

From 21:00 to 03:00 the Brisbane mashup crew will drop bomb after bomb on the masses at the Beetle Bar in the city. The lineup for the night includes Viper Pilot (that’s ME!), Brisbane video mash legend VJ Brewsky and Bootie residents the Lola DJs. Also, at midnight DJ Jing Kohn will do some insane live turntablism mashing that defies description and/or the laws of physics.

The place went off its nut last time out – an evening of mashups is something not to be missed. Bring your dancing boots and the ass you use when booty-shaking, because shake it will.

(Yes, this is the big news I alluded to before the onset of several space diseases.)

So now my space-virus has been replaced with space-bronchitis. Let this be a warning to any of you of the harshnesses your body will suffer when you put your children into space-daycare.

Here, marvel at the power of the human brain:

There are two secret projects shortly to be declassified for all members of the air corps. I won’t give you any more details yet, but suffice to say there’s some coolness lurking ahead.

Until then, let us all reflect on the teachings of Saint Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman has joined the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an organization devoted to help bridge the gap between real science and sad crappy science like what Hollywood throws at us in Armageddon, Firewall, Core and so many others. This isn’t about making movies dry and scholarly, it’s about opening up the public’s imagination to the often far more interesting real world; the Exchange’s director puts it very succinctly: ‘Truth is more extraordinary than fiction and we can spring surprises on directors that would make their heads spin and yet it’s science fact.’

The Exchange will try to pair up directors with scientific advisors to build better, faster, stronger films. I, for one, welcome our new science-educating overlords.

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