There are two secret projects shortly to be declassified for all members of the air corps. I won’t give you any more details yet, but suffice to say there’s some coolness lurking ahead.

Until then, let us all reflect on the teachings of Saint Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman has joined the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an organization devoted to help bridge the gap between real science and sad crappy science like what Hollywood throws at us in Armageddon, Firewall, Core and so many others. This isn’t about making movies dry and scholarly, it’s about opening up the public’s imagination to the often far more interesting real world; the Exchange’s director puts it very succinctly: ‘Truth is more extraordinary than fiction and we can spring surprises on directors that would make their heads spin and yet it’s science fact.’

The Exchange will try to pair up directors with scientific advisors to build better, faster, stronger films. I, for one, welcome our new science-educating overlords.