Clear your calendars, space cadets! Yet another audio assault is taking place in Brisbane – this time on May 9th.

From 21:00 to 03:00 the Brisbane mashup crew will drop bomb after bomb on the masses at the Beetle Bar in the city. The lineup for the night includes Viper Pilot (that’s ME!), Brisbane video mash legend VJ Brewsky and Bootie residents the Lola DJs. Also, at midnight DJ Jing Kohn will do some insane live turntablism mashing that defies description and/or the laws of physics.

The place went off its nut last time out – an evening of mashups is something not to be missed. Bring your dancing boots and the ass you use when booty-shaking, because shake it will.

(Yes, this is the big news I alluded to before the onset of several space diseases.)