So I’m being particularly wanky and attempting a post from the world’s latest must-have gadget, the iPhone.

Obviously, the typing situation is less than ideal but I’ve had far worse PDA keyboard experiences. The biggest gripe is the lack of cut and paste (a feature which is supposedly confirmed for iPhone o/s 3.0). I was going to share a few links to some groovy iPhone apps, but without cut and paste I can’t be bothered including links, so it’s going to be an old-school list – you know, like from the past, before everything was hypertext.


Erk, well, that was short lived.  Everything worked fine until I wanted to do dot points, then the WordPress interface failed to do any interfacing. Maybe this technology isn’t totally ready for absolutely everything you can do on the internet just yet.

Well, I suppose I’ll share my favourite iPhone apps anyhow.  This time, links included free of charge!

  • Word Fu – Kind of like Boggle, except with powerups and stuff. Also, you get to shake your phone like a baby.
  • WikiMe – Have your iPhone feed you Wikipedia articles about places close to your current location.
  • – Full-featured synthesizer for the iPhone. I’ll admit now that it confuses the hell out of me. I suppose I ought to read the manual.
  • Translator – I wish the iPhone had existed when Atomique and I toured Europe. I only know so many lauguages!
  • RJDJ Album – Crazy app with several ‘albums’ that turn input from the iPhone’s microphone into crazy audio landscapes.