At ease, recruits.  I know you’re all clamoring to find out how the last sortie went, but I hate to tell you it’s all still classified. Suffice to say that massive audio bombs were dropped on the Beetle Bar, and the casualties on the night included one very melty amplifier and a couple of smouldering mixers, along with all the brains that were destroyed by round after round of audio satisfaction.

That out of the way, I think it’s time we get back to basics: music, technology and the awesome place where they meet.  Enter the Evolution Control Committee.  These bad boys of music have been making mashups since before they were called mashups. Back in the day – way back to the early ’90s – building on the tail end of plunderphonics, they pioneered cut & paste bastard pop. When I say cut & paste, I mean it in the old school manner of actually cutting and pasting pieces of tape to create their mashups.

Fast forward to modern day, and they’re still doing the bootleg thing, but blazing trails with new toys. Check out the VidiMasher 3000:

The VidiMasher 3000

The VidiMasher 3000 in action at Bootie SF

If anyone has some spare Wiimotes and a spare projector to throw my way, I could certainly use one of these myself…

Another technomusical goodie on my radar is AudioMulch. I had the opportunity to meet the creator this week (a fellow who also helped out with the software algorithms for the Reactable, which I’ve blogged about before); we sat down for a quick show and tell of the software. Very quickly, my mind was blown clean up by the possibilities of this visual music studio. Plug sounds in, tinker with the effects visually, in real time, and make awesome shit happen. Girl Talk (the world’s most famous mashup artist (some day I shall dethrone him… some day)) uses it for its mad looping capabilities, but it can be used to manipulate any piece of audio in a multitude of ways.

It’s not designed to be a visual show like the VidiMasher 3000 is, but the above video gives a brief example of what’s meant by ‘visual music studio’. That’s a small part of the interface – check out the AudioMulch YouTube channel to see the full (potentially overwhelming to the unitiated) interface on display.

Girl Talk using Adobe Audition and AudioMulch to mash things up

Finally, nuggets, since good things come in threes, here is a podcast from a bus: The Buscast. Nothing technologically startling there, but I do defy you to tell me that ten years ago such a thing would have ever existed. Time and technology, hand in hand, march ever onwards.

The Buscast archives have only just hit the intarwebz again after an extended period of downtime. Since recon flight leader Debenham punched out before his wing could paint the bullseye, he had the time this weekend to perform maintenance on the Buscast while the taxpayers refitted his bird.

That’s enough for this lecture, noobs. There will be an exam in this room in seven days time on William Shatner and how his creative legacy effected the ‘post-American Empire’ years of the late 21st century.