Yarr!  Look out, me hearties – there be a rapping man inside yer computer-picture-box who’s looken’ to steer ye clear of copyin’ yer floppies!

Don’t Copy That Floppy

The video game the kids are playing might be the lamest video game ever (or not).  I’m not sure why anyone would want to copy it, since the ‘skill’ required to play it appears to be the ability to mash the home row as frantically as possible; actually watching what you’re doing might be only tangentally necessary. Maybe the boss fights require watching the screen?

I know you turned the video off after the mullet-man and nerd-lady started to explain why piracy is bad and GAME MANUALZ R AUSOMES, but there are more rappy bits if you persevere! Joy!

I can’t imagine why this video didn’t stop the rising tide of piracy in the mid-90s. Thankfully, its failure didn’t lead to the ‘end of the computer age’, because I’m pretty sure my life would suck without my gadgets. Whew.