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Introducing today’s guest columnist: Timothy Morris, remixer to the stars (or at least to Savage Garden).

Reprinted completely without his permission. I hope he sues me!

From: Timothy Morris <>

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 20:21:38 +1000

Subject: Men At Work being sued over Land Down Under


Some of you might have heard that Men at Work are being sued for ripping off ‘Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree’ from the Girl Guides when writing ‘Land Down Under’. If not,

Now I know that they’re talking about a melody, but theiving chord progressions ain’t exactly uncommon in music.  And if you want to get really picky, Men at Work might have stolen Kookaburra, but Kookaburra stole Waltzing Matilda (trust me and keep listening).

Axis of Awesome – 4 Chords

And well, if you wanna get really picky that was stolen too.  Just listen to this:

Rob Paravonian – Pachelbel Rant


Hey there, neighbours.

I just have a question:

Do you own any music that you weren’t told to buy by the marketing execs at Sony/BMG or the program director at Shit 101.7 “Top 40” FM?

Seriously, sometimes I think about calling child services because it sounds like a twelve year old girl has been left alone at home for weeks on end.

I’m not bagging your tastes in music here (okay, I am, but there’s more) but how fulfilling can your life be as a pack of relentless consumers just gobbling up the same crap over and over again. Don’t you ever get the tiniest urge to devote a bit of thought to consider the quality of what you’re buying? I’m pretty sure there’s a whole family of you over there, over the back fence – isn’t there one of you who’s spent any part of your life experiencing something for yourself, finding that piece of joy in discovering something on your own?

Come on.

Everyone is totally with you on global warming, but would you please smarten the fuck up?

Your stunts targeting the Queensland coal terminals this weekend have cost an awful lot of money to the people of Queensland (and, of course, to the mining industry, but the loss to the four million residents of the state is far more important).

Gorillaz – O Green World

Here’s a little quiz for you:

Q: What will China and other developing countries do if they can’t buy coal from Queensland?

A: Just buy the coal from somewhere else, because they have a shitload of coal plants that they aren’t about to dismantle anytime soon.

So, why then, are you targeting the economy of one of the world leaders in clean coal research? Oh, that’s right – if you tried shenanigans like this in China the secret police would electrocute you in the testicles until you were dead. So instead you’re picking on a progressive, democratic country – which happens to be the world leader in prioritising climate change action – because you can get away with it here and earn some free publicity in the process. Never mind that once the tech is good to go, Queensland will be able to bundle clean coal technologies with the coal it sells.

Nice. Well thought-out, there. Bravo, really.

H-Blockx – The Power

Okay, so the technology isn’t mature yet – fine, but it will be as long as we can keep up research. Should the Wright Brothers have given up when their first flights were unsuccessful? Research is all about working until you reach your goal, because progress doesn’t happen magically overnight.

Okay, so nuclear power is cleaner. Sure, but you can’t really retrofit an Indian coal-burning plant to a fusion reactor, can you?

Okay, so wind and solar are cheaper. See above. Besides, this has nothing to do with new power stations – it’s all about reducing the carbon emissions of  existing infrastructure.

While we’re talking Greenpeace, let’s close this session with Penn & Teller helping Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore tear apart one of the world’s largest “environmental” activism groups:

What could possibly go wrong with a music/book collaboration between Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and David Lynch?

Out of all the possible answers, I suspect you’d not have said ‘label troubles?’

EMI is dicking Danger Mouse around and now it seems that the album will never be released.  That’s not stopped the project entirely, though.

Dark Night of the Soul was originally intended as a book of photographs by David Lynch, accompanied by Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse’s music.  Via the project’s website, the book (before the limited-edition run ran out) comes with a blank CD bearing the instructions “use it as you will”.

A stream of the whole album is available at  It features a massive shwag of guest artists: Frank Black, The Flaming Lips, Iggy Pop, Suzanne Vega, David Lynch (oh dear?), Gruff Rhys and more.

I suppose I ought mention that Bootie Brisbane is coming up again.  Er, tonight, that is. Clicky on the picture-thing of Kiss/Snoop in the sidebar for venue info and the like.  I’m on at nine, and will be dropping some newly-minted Viper Pilot tracks, along with a mind-boggling array of tunes.

Here’s a mash I won’t be playing tonight, because it really needs the video to work:

Viper Pilot Audio

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