Hey there, neighbours.

I just have a question:

Do you own any music that you weren’t told to buy by the marketing execs at Sony/BMG or the program director at Shit 101.7 “Top 40” FM?

Seriously, sometimes I think about calling child services because it sounds like a twelve year old girl has been left alone at home for weeks on end.

I’m not bagging your tastes in music here (okay, I am, but there’s more) but how fulfilling can your life be as a pack of relentless consumers just gobbling up the same crap over and over again. Don’t you ever get the tiniest urge to devote a bit of thought to consider the quality of what you’re buying? I’m pretty sure there’s a whole family of you over there, over the back fence – isn’t there one of you who’s spent any part of your life experiencing something for yourself, finding that piece of joy in discovering something on your own?

Come on.